– Electric – Acoustic – Blues – Rock – Metal – Pop –

– Private – Group – Online –

Technique – Repertoire – Theory – Improvisation – Composition

Having fun whilst playing is imperative to stay motivated, so I aim to structure lessons around what you want to learn or a style you aspire to. However if you want to let me guide you, I’m more than happy to choose a path that I think will work best for you.

If you’re a beginner who’s stuck in a rut and doesn’t know how to progress or understand that video you’re watching on YouTube, then save yourself time and learn from someone who’s been there!

I can teach all RGT, RSL, Rockschool and Trinity syllabuses, which give great structure to your learning and offer you the opportunity to take graded exams.

Additionally, I teach children of all ages (6+), and have guitars suitable for smaller hands!

Of course, if you’re just someone who wanted to learn a few of your favourite Oasis songs on the acoustic, I’m completely cool with that 🙂

I can provide all equipment as required. I have a rack of guitars (electric and acoustic)/amps/pedals so don’t worry about needing the right gear. I also provide all tablature. If any of that sounds like your thing, then please do drop me a note!